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Ignium is the art project impulsed by Jorge Nicolás Cuevas and Antonella Perrone. Glass is the main element in the realization of their art work, frequently combined with other techniques such as engraving, photography and textile art.



Both initiated their education in Berazategui's Glass School (Bs. As., Arg) and continued it in Vetroricerca Glass&Modern (Bolzano, Italia). They have collaborated in several artist's studios, such as Felix Bunge, Claudia Dalia, Miriam di Fiore, Silvia Levenson and Davide Salvatore.

Their work has been exhibited in Argentina, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Spain and Finland, having received numerous awards. Ignium art works can be found in collections at Museo del Vidrio (Berazategui, Arg.), Museo del Vetro (Murano, It.) and European Museum of Modern Glass (Rödental, Al.).



CV Jorge Nicolás Cuevas

CV Antonella Perrone